Sunday, October 22, 2006

You're NUMBERed!

A casual encounter in 2003 actually changed my life forever! Before then, I was just an ordinary guy, like many others out there who is trying hard to understand the true purpose in life...what transpired cannot be easily described in words. But what happened thereafter was so interesting that if I was asked to go back in a time capsule and go through it all again, I would not hesitate to do so!

Let me briefly describe this individual who now is my best of mate, my mentor, and my business partner. Patrick Tan is his name and over the last 4 years, he breathed a whole new meaning to life with regards to how one could simply make use of NUMBERS to understand about themselves as well as things that surround them. His noble goal of sharing his knowledge and everything else inspired not only myself but anyone who is fortunate enough to cross his path. This subject on NUMBERS captured my attention so strongly that it diverted my life path back to my birth country of Malaysia. I up-rooted my entire family from Sydney, Australia and made a journey till today and I believe for the rest of my life that I will not regret nor forget!

Do you believe the fact that you're NUMBERed and so is everyone else who lives in this world? Well, this is not numerology of any sort though it may take reference to the ancient methodology as we are referring to NUMBERS here and most importantly, we are deriving the numbers from our very own DATE OF BIRTH. We gave our subject matter a name, "VISIBER". It takes after the meaning of "Vision and Numbers".

So, what is VISIBER? It is a combination of a knowledge, philosophy, techniques, experience, and many years of research on HUMAN BEHAVIORS. It has over the years turned into a methodology, but the focus centres around “individual’s character and behavioral patterns”. How one’s thoughts influence one’s behaviors and consequently leads to a set of conclusive outcomes on one's actions. A precognition of what might possibly happened to the future of an individual can easily be determined based on a set of repeated behavioural patterns derived from a set of numbers. VISIBER captures a series of numerical patterns from an individual’s date of birth. The basis of VISIBER is that numbers are much easier to articulate, recognise, understand and interpret as compared to other technical terms and jargons used to describe a person.

You may wonder is this fortune telling or what? Well, depending on the angle you're looking at. I don't intend to defend nor refute anything that is said or commented by anyone on this subject purpose is just to share what I have learned and experienced and both Patrick and I are here to pass on this knowledge to whoever willing to be educated.

"You can never teach a man anything. You can only help him to discover it within himself" (Galileo Galilei)

Whatever we choose to believe that life is what we make it or that everything is predestined and therefore cannot be changed, curiosity compels us to seek all the help we can get with the important choices and decisions we must make throughout life.

Would it not be wonderful if we can learn how to discover what lies ahead in our future, so that we can do whatever to achieve and enjoy our dreams and success to fruition? Wouldn’t it be complete if we know the techniques to discover our cognitive character and personality profile: to tap our hidden talents, to adopt prosperity in our business and professional world, to guide and direct us to attract the right companies and future business partners, to find our suitable life partner, fulfilling relationships, emotional and psychological stability, and to understand our health enough to address probable sicknesses?

To achieve all that wonderfulness we must have the know-how techniques. Precognition perhaps is one of the most interesting and interdependent with the physical sciences and frequent use of scientific method of study into the mind and intelligence. Why do we adopt the pre-cognitive approach to life? We have discovered that from the Date Of Birth we can show you how to springboard and capitalize the true meaning of life not just for yourself, that might be too self-centered, but your loved ones, your children, your associations with people, your career path, your general health and home environment. Concurrently we would inspire you to discover winners of your organization, attain substance of continuity in business wealth, and recognize human capital development, merely by the application of the Incorporation Date of your organization.

You probably might ask, why the importance and significance of birth dates besides the orthodox celebration. If you look at it nothing is as universally celebrated as birthdays. Date of birth is the heart representation of the universe and is all about keeping TIME. As the saying goes ‘ time waits for no man” you cannot reverse time but only move on and that is why we ADD on birth dates. Unfortunately for some of us, our age numbers roll too fast.

Why do we apply the inverse pyramid in our technique of representation to the date of birth in conversing a pre-cognitive approach to life? The inverse pyramid is a symbolic representation of the female reproduction womb and 7 digits are positioned within the chamber. It is a symbolic representation of the 7 months of gestation cycle between conception and birth. Clinically the baby would have fully developed to take the shape and form and would be capable to living outside the womb.

During the ancient history of pagans and the astronomical ages, the inverse is a symbolic icon, which is representation the feminine. The inverse resembles the shape of a woman’s womb and association with womanhood, fertility and femininity.

The ancient Chinese have long formulated a set of theories about nature. The Eastern culture relates wisdom through the dualism of Yin and Yang, and ancient Chinese philosophies. Similarly the Western culture relates to Pythagoras, Astrological and Pagan Symbols. To the Chinese the Yang relates to the male, where the opposite is Yin, the female. In a picturesque approach both of the male and female complements and are integrated together to conceive a living form.

In the West some 3,000 years ago, a Greek mathematician named Pythagoras, widely known as “ the father of mathematics” wrote that numbers constitute the true nature of things and that all concepts are expressed in number. He elaborated on the qualities and relationship between each of the numbers from one to nine.

Consequently. We relate the east and west concept into a symbolic inverse pyramid to feature a woman’s womb and seven columns of numbers were established to relate character traits between parents and the birth child.

The inverse pyramid chart will inspire you to capture and determine your behavior profile of your character and personality traits, your sub-conscious mind, your introvert personality and your extrovert environment. We named this the VISIBER, where from date of birth, numbers will propel within the inverse pyramid. It will be the instrument factor to your life experiences and final achievement to SUCCESS. Success in life could be described as the continuing journey to expansion of happiness, the exploration to spirituality and progressive realization of worthy goals.

Numbers are an inspirational journey where it unlocks the door to self-awareness. They inspire me to question life’s purpose and seek the truth of self-realization. You will be amazed to know that numbers can tell a lot about almost everything that links to every human form and the environment surrounding us.

Years of research and soul-searching attributes a magnitude of an in-depth understanding of life’s pattern recurrences by the correlation and sequence link from numbers 1 to 9.

1 relates to leadership

2 relates to communication

3 relates to action

4 relates to planning and knowledge

5 relates to direction and principle

6 relates to wisdom and wealth

7 relates to support

8 relates to responsibility

9 relates to success and creativity

VISIBER is found on the strong conviction that all people, irrespective of their culture, race, religion, age and family background, do possess a unique personality trait.

We have discovered a methodology inspired to determine the behavior pattern of your character, your sub-consciousness, and external personality, by the formulation from acquiring your date of birth. Further in-depth study could also be extended to your career path, business environment and relationships. Most importantly the date of birth should be accurately known.

By adopting the VISIBER knowledge, we discovered that from your hidden field of potential and an in-depth understanding, you can gain mileage in a more profound life experience, which could be within your grasp and ultimate control. Life’s destiny is not destined without mercy nor control, but certainly within your capacity to crystallize a situation for yourself.

Have a go and see what NUMBER you belong to...

O is the character number from the above Visiber chart.

"1" is a master of wisdom. This person has the flair in acquiring wisdom. "1" possesses strong analytical power. Being analytical, he/she becomes a learned person. But if the person analyzes incorrectly, it will lead to 'greed'. '1' is also a person who is very detailed on all matters. It is also strong in creativity and is very mindful. If such creativeness and mindfulness are activated, there is wealth for the person. An entertaining being and good in public relations. A born leader and has strong authority. Has a spirit of righteousness.

2” is skillful and a pleasant personality. Very calm and friendly. A person who is aware and ensures tidiness and cleanliness. A very hardworking person and matured in thoughts. Usually mixes with others who are older. He listens to what others say but may not follow the advice given. Given a task, this person has the ability to direct. This person is usually good at P.R. work. The negative side would be, the person attracts a lot of 'bad-mouthing'. This person, too, loves to carry tales. Can be a fairly stubborn person at times.

3” is active and forward looking. A very clear person who knows what he/she wants. Able to differentiate the good and the bad things. Has the ability and very talented in many areas. Can be wealthy and prosperous. This person will do well in society in early age. The negative side would be aggressiveness, impatient, and has a quick but short temper. This person can take things lightly and is not firm (not grounded) and is mischievous at times. His/her speech can be blunt and there are ups and downs in a relationship. If such relationships are not handled well, it may lead to disaster and violence may rule.

4” is a learned individual. Artistic and excel in exams. Trustworthy and easy to get along in society. Compassionate and charismatic. Outgoing, loves to travel and leads a carefree lifestyle. A very able person at a very young age. If this person is of the female gender, she is the 'pampering' type, good in P.R. and friendly. This person gets up fast after each encounter of failure in life. This '4' is weak in accumulating wealth. Has to be cautious in a relationship or in marriage, otherwise it may result in uncalled for situation.

5” is a very strong character. Born with strong leadership. Charismatic and able to lead. Usually in a position above many. Has a strong instinct of things. Very hardworking and will achieve success in later part of life. A realistic person and firm (very grounded) and not a dreamer. If this '5' belongs to the lower and poorer end, this person is stubborn and hardheaded. This '5' should relax and not picky on small issues and if this person relaxes its principles and eradicate stubbornness, this person is respected by all.

6” controls wealth and prosperity. Well-mannered but has high taste in life. Independant and firm. This person can be a popular figure in society. The negative side is that this person is proud in nature and doesn't take on simple jobs. Can be overly passive and timid. He/she doesn't listen to others especially his/her superiors but looks after his/her subordinates.

7” is very skillful and detailed in handling matters. Excellent public relations. '7' appreciates gratitude. A person full of passion and love. But '7' is argumentative, and has a lot to say. Able to twist and turn his way around. Attracts a lot of 'bad-mouthing'. Loves to go after fame and fortune. A fickled minded person. Change a decision very easily. Not a firm person. Might have problems in relationships. This person is good at handling entertainment.

8” is a very quiet, conservative and passive in nature but a lively person among his/her friends. Responsible and full of righteousness. A trustworthy person. This '8' will not simply 'play out' others but at times 'blur' in his/her doing. He/she needs to be 'street smart'. Outwardly looks tough but is a soft person. Being too careful and believing strongly in his/her own perspective manner will result in loss of opportunities.

9” is very optimistic and open minded. Loves to look neat and presentable at all times. Very civilized. Intelligent, alertness and sensitive. '9' knows when and how to attack and defend. Good at winning one's heart. Do things very fast and capable with their work but not in details. He/she doesn't take care of his subordinates. Outwardly, looks tough but soft inside. An emotional person, feeling of loneliness.